Ski Ferry and Ski Eurotunnel tickets - find the cheapest Channel crossings to the snow

Ski Ferries and Ski Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel or ferry - and which route - Dover to Calais, Portsmouth to Caen, Newcastle, Hull, Plymouth - what choice - well one factor that might influence you are the costs from the French port to the slopes - see our quick guide extracted from Via Michelin.

Next check out your options using our moneysaving partners ferry search facility (as we are part of the moneymaximiser group of companies we can exploit their buying power) - it picks up all the routes and can help you find the most affordable route at the best possible price.

Just run a test quote through our search facility on the right - you can soon find out whether the extra cost of the Eurotunnel is worth it or whether you prefer the chance to grab a meal on your crossing and saving on a stop later - We tend to start with the best time during our first search, and then once you have found your preferred route play around with the times - half an hour can sometimes save a huge amount.

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